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The Improve & Innovate Company specializes in corporate digital and automation transformation …from a “stratical point-of-view.” 

Through the utilization of creating transformative business strategies with c-suite leaders, our advisors live on the front lines with organizational management and innovative thinkers to show them how to tactically create the best new normal.

We utilize simple, understandable assessment tools to determine maturity and readiness levels of an organization to change and the best way for that organization to do so sustainably. Working side by side with our clients, we combine an agile approach to reengineering from their point of view in order to ensure that all change and communication plans are in sync and drive hard towards the desired future state.

The Improve & Innovate Company advisors and staff members come from companies that have “been there and done that.” Our advice and guidance from these real implementers of corporate digital and automation transformation programs is key. Using these real-life examples and lessons learned, allows our advisors to have a toolkit of practical accelerators to support client initiatives.

Our experience with the automation tools includes RPA/RDA, OCR/ICR, ETL/ETA, BPM, Machine Learning/Cognitive and other more advanced AI. Our relationships with vendors in each of these tool specialties is based on those that have proven their ability to smoothly integrate with other tools and to be able to pivot quickly when needed.

The Improve and Innovate Company is not about selling software. Our mission is built around these principles:

  1. Listen twice as much as we speak.
  2. Diagnose a client’s true need(s) before prescribing any solution(s).


  1. Never forget where we came or started from. We’ve been in “your exact shoes” at one time or another.

By following these three simple principles, The Improve & Innovate Company advisors and staff will provide our clients with faster, sustainable results.

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